Hydraulic fittings / Flexible hoses / Gates hose connections

Company Profile

Company profile

Promatec SpA, founded in 1968, has always imported into Italy the best of international technology in the field of fluid-dynamics and mechanics.

The high and constant quality of the components has necessarily been linked to the service, conceived in order to satisfy our client’s different needs. These developments have led Promatec SpA to fit a test bench to carry out tests, a flushing bench with PLCs and approvals with various certifying bodies, and to obtain contracts for the “customised” realisation of components destined for application sectors such as Formula 1, automotive, off-shore, refrigeration, bottling, packaging and medical.

Since 1998 Promatec has total control of CABLECRAFT ITALIA. In 2008, Promatec acquired the business unit, flexible hose sector, from Hydraulics Car Srl.