Hydraulic fittings / Flexible hoses / Gates hose connections


2020 – At the end of 2019 Gates Corporation launched the European eCrimp ™ website which provides the most up-to-date crimp data, in just a few simple clicks! Quick and easy access guaranteed 24/7 without registration on ecrimp.gates.eu. Gates, by creating a mobile app, allows the accessibility of its crimp data in an even easier way. The app allows you to always carry the updated specifications with you on your phone (iOS and Android)!

With this new mobile app, you can access assembly specifications both offline and in real time, so that you can provide quality hose assemblies at any time.

The newly developed eCrimp™ features:

SAFETY: Have qualified crimp specs at your fingertips

CUSTOMIZATION: Change location, units, and language to fit your needs

REAL-TIME UPDATES: Always have the latest updates and newest details

OFFLINE CAPABILITY: Download specs for areas without data connections

SAVE FAVORITES: Quickly access your most common hose-coupling combinations

IMAGES FOR PRODUCT VERIFICATION: Eliminate errors by means of visual identification

DYNAMIC SEARCH CAPABILITY: Narrow your search by hose, coupling or size

For any questions or informations, send us an email to info@promatec.it