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2020 – Gates® GlobalSpiral ™ fittings specially designed for heavy duty hydraulic applications in earthmoving, construction and other high pressure industrial applications.

Gates has identified 29 new end fitting configurations further increasing its range for both manufacturers and the aftermarket.

The resistance to pulsations, shocks and vibrations is a great advantage of the lines made with high pressure rubber hoses compared to steel pipes and “rigid” connections, especially in applications with vibrations and strong pressure pulsations such as hydraulic hammers. Despite the resistance of the spiral pipes, sometimes, in extreme circumstances, the problem can arise from the end fitting.

Gates has therefore developed a small range of specific fittings from the GlobalSpiral ™ series with heavy DIN and BSP terminations, for extreme applications, where the life of standard fittings is reduced. The new fittings meet the strictest standards in the demolition and crushing sector.

The 29 new GlobalSpiral ™ terminations include:

BSP terminations

• Straight male fittings for demolition hammers

• 45 ° and 90 ° reduction fittings

• 180 ° fittings

SAE flat face terminations

• Fittings for 90 ° pipes

DIN terminations

• Straight DKOS fittings for demolition hammers

• Straight reduction fittings, 45 ° and 90 °

Press-Lok fittings

• Press-Lok male connections that complete the offer of Stecko fittings in the GlobalSpiral ™ range

Flanges with SAE ‘O-Ring’

• Code 61 at 22 ° and 90 °

• Code 62 at 22 °, 90 ° and 130 °

• Caterpillar type 90 ° flange with special center distances

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