Hydraulic fittings / Flexible hoses / Gates hose connections

LQ – New terminations “Locking Barb“

2020 – The CPC connectors of the LQ series are efficient solutions for electronic cooling systems. The LQ series is equipped with cutting-edge valves, called “drip-free”, designed to safeguard the electronics of HPC, data centers and power storage systems, even after prolonged use.

It is also possible to mount FKM seals instead of EPDM standards, thus making them compatible with the most used refrigerant liquids in the sector. From today a new type of hose connector is also available, the ‘Locking Barb‘. Created specifically for use with self-tightening or rubber hoses, it connects securely without the aid of hose clamps ensuring an exceptional seal.

To know all the features that make CPC’s LQ series a versatile and winning product in many fields, write to us! We will be happy to help you!