Hydraulic fittings / Flexible hoses / Gates hose connections



EMB machines

Availability of EMB machines for:
• DIN fittings pre-assembly machine
• Pipe deformation system
• Equipment for steel pipe processing
To find out more, write to info@promatec.it

Crimping Presses

This type of self-assembly is based on the Gates integrated system approach.
Advanced self-assembly machines and molds, which make it quick and easy to produce the hose and fitting combinations you need.
Gates molds have a special profile design that creates a cylindrical and durable bend.
Each Gates press brake comes with validated crimp settings data for the full global range of tubes and fittings.
To find out more, write to info@promatec.it


Flushing and Bursting Test

Promatec has a static test bench up to 1400 bar with an adjustable fl ow program and a Flushing Machine equipped with a particle meter and PLC capable of certifying fl ows up to a contamination level corresponding to NAS 6 – ISO 17/15 / class. 12. To find out more, write to info@promatec.it

Design and Preparation of Kits

Promatec is a company that sets itself among the many objectives, including that of always being updated and keeping up with the times. For this reason, a 3D design area has been created with SolidWorks® software, with which our specialized engineer can meet the countless requests of each customer. Very useful when offering kits or small assemblies, it allows you to receive the illustrative drawing that can also be used during the assembly / construction phase. With the use of the design software, Promatec is also able to design and make changes to projects, according to the customer’s specifications and, thanks to the new 3D printer, also to create study prototypes and ad hoc details for custom projects. To find out more, write to info@promatec.it

Analysis and Measurement

Promatec is able to intervene with customers with measurement and data recording equipment to search for anomalies. To find out more, write to info@promatec.it

“Safe Hydraulics” Courses

Promatec is authorized to hold courses on the installation of flexible hoses and on safety (Safe Hydraulic by Gates). To find out more, write to info@promatec.it