Who we are

Promatec S.p.A. was founded in 1968 in Milan by two visionary entrepreneurs, a Frenchman and an Italian. Since then, Promatec has established itself as the Italian market leader in supplying products and solutions in the high and low-pressure fluid dynamic sector. With more than fifty years of history and family-run management, Promatec focuses its core business toward a constant focus on innovation and the search for ever-new solutions for its customers.


Vision & Mission

"Solutions under pressure" represents our corporate mission, to provide solutions and products for the fluid power market. For the future, we have clear ideas: to propose increasingly cutting-edge and high-quality solutions for quick and affordable service.

Our values


Promatec acts transparently and reliably with all customers, suppliers and external partners. We ensure the best sales and consulting service while fully respecting third-party products and the bond we establish with the customer.

Quality and safety

Promatec is certified with TUV ISO 9001 2015 and is committed to keeping its quality standards up-to-date and at the highest level. Protecting the health of workers and their safety is our priority, with maximum compliance with current regulations.

Equity and inclusion

Promatec guarantees and strongly believes in equal opportunities for professional growth and respect for individuals. It promotes the inclusion of each and every company resource within the work environment in a way that is fair and aimed at valuing the individual person.


People are at the heart of our company.
With passion and commitment, our team builds the company's future every day.

Staff Offices

Our staff consists of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience. Our organization is based on teamwork, where the respective departments (sales, back office, marketing, administration, technical) work in synergy to ensure the highest quality of customer service.

Warehouse and Production Staff

Qualified staff in our warehouse handle and move more than 2 million pieces in stock, working closely with the production and assembly department to ensure rapid order fulfillment and shipment always in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Our services

  • Design

    We design and manufacture on-demand solutions for low and high pressure applications for fluid dynamics.

  • Production and assembly

    We have two assembly areas, one for high and one for low pressure also with Clean Room ISO 7.

  • Qualified advice

    Dedicated consultancy thanks to the many years of experience of our technical staff.

  • Analysis and Certifications

    We provide product certifications and analysis at the customer's request through our static and pulse benches.

  • Warehouse and logistics

    We have 5,000 square mt of warehouse space, with 6 vertical warehouses and over 2 mln pieces available.


Promatec is certified according to ISO 9001. Upon request, we can provide documentation that can attest and certify the quality and characteristics of third-party products and services. To learn more, write to us.

Our customers

Our customers