Flushing and burst testing

We use the Flushing Machine for performing fluxing cleaning and certification work.


We take care of the flushing process using a Flushing Machine equipped with a particle meter and PLC. This instrument allows us to certify flushing up to contamination levels of NAS class 6 - ISO 17/15/12.

Through a test bench (up to 1400 bar), we perform burst or determined pressure tests to evaluate the strength of the connected hoses and always ensure an efficient, performing and safe product.
>We subject the samples to increasing pressures, evaluating their strength so that we can always ensure an efficient, high-performing and safe product for the Customers.

Promatec purchased the new test bench of the prestigious brand Bimal Test Industry used mainly among hose manufacturers.
We thus have the opportunity to fatigue test hoses so that we can simulate their performance and life cycle.


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